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Swords Co Dublin

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When was the work done?
Early 2015.

What was involved?
We built a granny flat extension to the side/rear of our house.

How did you choose Swords Building Contractors?
Found them through pickapro.ie. Asked Peter to call out to discuss what we were looking for. He immediately identified that we would have to get planning permission. He recommended an architect that he had worked with and the architect came up with a design that worked for us and brought us through the planning process.

We then looked for a number of quotes based on this design and Peter’s was the most competitive. That together with the relationship with the architect is why we chose Peter.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Peter Ashmore?
We had some ideas but were open to Peter’s recommendations.

Did Peter introduce new ideas?
He did. For instance he installed a ring beam just below the roof.

How did the project run?
Excellent on all fronts. Unless you have a 400 page contract there will always be some misunderstandings and miscommunications but these were resolved easily and fairly.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Swords Building Contractors?
In the end it turned out to be an almost turnkey project for the design and build. We went for a builder’s finish which left the decorating and, fixtures and fitting to ourselves to complete. This allowed us to get a feel for the space before we committed to things like the kitchen installation.

What's your favourite part now?
The ceiling in the sitting room / kitchen area is full roof height giving a real sense of space to the room.

Would you recommend Swords Building Contractors to others?
I would!

Any tips for other people?
Mull things over. Have your own ideas but don’t be wedded to them. Decide what is important to you - practicality and budget in our case far outweighed the “design” of the space. I should have sought out people who had previously had work done but didn’t. Trust is very important to build up.

Jan B.
Lusk, Co. Dublin

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Peter's 100% involved in the project. He's doing the work as well as managing it - and he was there every day. I
Deirdre Breen
Swords, Co. Dublin
We keep asking ourselves how we got so lucky to get the right builder in Peter when others weren't so lucky.
Peter Joyce
Clontarf, Dublin 3
The biggest benefit to me was Peter's professionalism...that's the difference you get when you have someone like Peter.
Joe O'Sullivan
Hollystown, Dublin
My philosophy is that if you're going to do something, do it the right way and Peter's workmanship reflected the same philosophy.
Dublin 13
Peter's communication and approachability was top notch. An honest and trustworthy guy with great focus on customer satisfaction.
Donaghmede, Dublin
There was very clear communication and Peter was always on site or contactable by phone.
Louise Moore
Swords, Co. Dublin
To be honest, everything was just as Peter said it would be.
Adrienne Towell
Kinsealy, Co Dublin
We then looked for a number of quotes based on this design and Peter’s was the most competitive.
Jan B.
Lusk, Co. Dublin
Peter really impressed us : he was professional, efficient and also very friendly.
Aoife O' Connell
Foxrock, Co. Dublin
Anything that we requested, it was done by the next day. Peter would be straight back with a response to any question.
Ray Lohan
Glasnevin, Dublin 9
The biggest benefit was that the work turned out even better than I had expected. That was a nice surprise!
Finola Crowley
Portrane, Co Dublin
I would highly recommend Peter to anyone for any size of project big or small. I can't sing his praises highly enough.
Donaghmede, Dublin 13